I've been messing around with the CSS definitions for this Wiki, and if anyone is reading this, would love to hear some feedback about the color selections I've made. CSS can basically be used to change lots of different things. For instance, I removed the Image Attribution (where it says who uploaded each image) from thumbnails appearing in regular articles. That made things like the image at the top of the Bugs page not look like s***.

Also today I finished writing the article for the Drug Trafficking Plot, easily the most complicated plot this game has to offer. It's got 7 participants, 4 items, and a handful of events that don't follow the regular rules, so it was quite a mess to unscramble.

I'm hoping to start making articles about Electronics, since Wiretapping is easily my favorite Mini-Game in Covert Action.

Still waiting for people to show up, btw. ;)

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