Satellite Control is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"Max, we've just launched the first of our new generation 'KeyHole' spy satellites. These birds have ten times the photo resolution of the current models. A lot of people with something to hide should be getting nervous about this. There are indications that they might try and do something about it. We're also worried there might have been a security leak back at the factory. See if you can come up with anything."

In a Satellite Control scenario, the Mastermind and his Organization attempt to gain control of the new 'KeyHole' spy satellite which would otherwise be able to monitor their closely-guarded secrets.


The following plots occur as part of a Satellite Control Mission Set:

  1. Kidnapping: Noted satellite expert Xavier Rayban is kidnapped to obtain his knowledge about the satellite systems.
  2. Bombing: The Satellite Uplink Station is blown up, in order to cut the CIA's contact with their satellite.
  3. Theft: An X-Band Radio Transmitter is stolen from a CIA storage facility, to be used by the enemy to directly control the satellite from the ground.

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