Gear Pistol Large

A Pistol.

The Pistol is one of two Primary Firearms that Max can carry during the Combat Mini-Game. The Pistol is used to shoot enemies. It is always carried into any combat situation, unless replaced by the more accurate Uzi.


During any Combat Mini-Game, Max will always be carrying a Firearm, which she uses to shoot enemy guards. The game features two kinds of firearms - the Pistol and the Uzi.

The Pistol is the default, basic weapon. Max will always be carrying a Firearm, regardless of which type of Combat situation is encountered. Unless the Uzi is carried, she will automatically default to the Pistol.

Gear SelectionEdit

Unlike other Gear pieces, the Pistol cannot be selected in the Gear Selection menu. In fact, there's no reason to select it, as it is always provided by default. I.E. you are always given a Pistol, and cannot elect to remove it.

The Pistol does not occupy a Gear Slot. However, if you choose to take an Uzi, it will replace the pistol entirely. This is always beneficial since the Uzi is superior in every way to the Pistol - it has no disadvantages other than the fact that it does occupy a Gear Slot.

Non-Break-In CombatEdit

The Pistol will be automatically given to Max by default in every Combat Situation - unless replaced with an Uzi. The only non-Break-In situation where the Uzi is acquired by default is the Prison Break scenario.


Combat Aiming

The Crosshair Indicator shows that Max's weapon is "fully-aimed" at the target.

The Pistol is used for shooting enemies.

To do this, turn to face an enemy guard. If Max can see that guard (I.E. no obstacles in between them), a crosshairs image will appear on top of Max's silhouette at the top-left corner of the screen. This indicates that Max can shoot the enemy. Press the "SPACEBAR" key to fire the weapon.

Unlike the Uzi, the Pistol tends to miss some of the time, even when well-aimed. This usually occurs when the target is a bit further away. In addition, it takes a little longer for Max to reach her "maximum aiming", the point where she is most accurate with her shots. Shooting too quickly (before reaching maximum aiming) can result in an increased chance to miss.

For these reasons the Pistol is less useful for intense combat situations. It should be replaced with an Uzi if your combat skills are not too great, or if expecting heavy combat - such as when trying to Arrest a Mastermind.


Ammunition for the Pistol is limited. Each Combat Mini-Game starts with exactly 24 bullets in your inventory.

Each use of the Pistol will use-up one bullet. There is no way to replenish ammunition during combat. Once it runs out, the Pistol becomes unusable until the end of combat.

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