Furniture Painting Large

A Painting.

A Painting is a piece of Buggable Furniture that can be found inside Hideouts.

Paintings are a relatively rare type of Furniture in the game. They appear only in Offices, Lounges and Cafeterias, and then only occasionally. They are always found along the south wall.

Paintings may be bugged, assuming Max has at least one Bug Gear Bug left in his inventory. Max must first "open" the Painting by removing it from the wall. To do this, walk up to the painting and press the "ENTER" key. Once the painting is "opened", press the "F3" key to install the bug. Remember that only one Bug may be installed in each room.

Note that since Paintings only appear in low-importance rooms, they are not the best place to place a Bug. You will only get a +4% Surveillance Quality bonus for bugging a painting in an Office, and only +2% for bugging a painting in a Lounge or Cafeteria.

Paintings should be closed after examination. If left open, any enemy guard who spots the open Painting will raise the alarm immediately.

Enemy guards will occasionally open Paintings while inspecting rooms. A few seconds after opening the Painting, the guard will automatically close it and move on. If a guard is killed or otherwise prevented from closing the Painting, it will remain opened and a Bug Gear Bug may be installed inside. There is no difference between bugging a Painting opened by Max and a Painting opened by a guard.

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