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Maximillian and Maxine Remington (Gender choice screen)

Maximillian (or Maxine) Remington, often referred to simple as "Max" Remington, is the protagonist of Covert Action. Max is a super-agent working for the CIA, whose task is to almost single-handedly disrupt criminal and terrorist activities in various areas around the world.


When creating a new character to play with, the player has exactly 4 "skill upgrades" which he/she can choose to divide between any of the four skills:

  • Combat
  • Driving
  • Cryptology ("Crypto" in the game)
  • Electronics

An upgrade will raise Max's skill from "Average" to "Good" to "Excellent" to "Awesome".

The skill level determines Max's aptitude in one or more of the various mini-games that can be played in Covert Action.


Max begins his/her career at a rank of 099. As Max solves cases and earns points, his/her rank goes up towards 001 - the highest rank possible in the game.


The player can decide which callsign to give Max Remington. The player is prompted to input their chosen callsign when creating a new character to play with. This callsign is displayed when saving or loading games, and is not actually used in-game otherwise.

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