Document InsideInformation

The Inside Information list, showing a Master Plan and 4 Personnel Files collected previously during the Mission.

Inside Information refers to a list all Documents acquired from Floor Safes during Break-Ins so far throughout the Mission.

The list is viewable in the Check Data menu, and allows inspecting each of these documents again for reference purposes.


During Break-Ins, Max can crack open Floor Safes in the hope of retrieving sensitive enemy documents - the Master Plan and Personnel File, both of which are highly valuable. If and when such documents are acquired, Max stores them in his files for later review.

A list of all acquired Inside Information is available in the Check Data menu, which is accessible from most locations in the game. The same option appears at the Data Section of any CIA Office as well, though it does take 2 hours to travel to the CIA Office.

When viewing the list, you can use the arrow keys to "navigate" between the documents, and press "ENTER" to view the highlighted document in detail.

Pressing "ESC" will take you back to the Check Data menu.

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