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Incriminating Evidence collected.

Incriminating Evidence is a special kind of Evidence. It contains information that allows turning a Participant in the current Criminal Plot into a Double Agent.

Incriminating Evidence can only be found in Floor Safes, only in the location of the agent it concerns, and only under specific circumstances.


Incriminating Evidence is a piece of Evidence containing the required information for turning a Participant in the current Criminal Plot into a Double Agent. This is the only way to Turn an agent.

The document's contents apply only to the agent concerned - one document cannot be used to Turn more than one agent.

Also, if the agent is not Arrested during the same Break-In in which this document was collected, it is lost. It can however be regained by breaking back into the same Hideout and searching Floor Safes as normal.

Finding Incriminating EvidenceEdit

Incriminating Evidence is an extremely valuable piece of evidence, and as such is also extremely rare. It can only be found in specific Containers, specific locations, and specific conditions.


To find Incriminating Evidence, Max has to Break Into an enemy Hideout and photograph the contents of a Floor Safe.

The Hideout must belong to an enemy agent, and not just any agent: It must be a Participant in the current Criminal Plot. Incriminating evidence will not appear in the hideout of a Red Herring!

Also, remember that Floor Safes do not always yield the evidence you're looking for. There are several kinds of documents as well as Gear that may be found in each safe, and it is chosen randomly. This is compounded by the fact that Floor Safes are very rare, and Hideouts sometimes do not contain even a single one.


For a Floor Safe to be eligible for yielding Incriminating Evidence at all, two conditions must be met:

  1. The hideout this safe is in belongs to a Participant in the current Criminal Plot.
  2. Max has already discovered the Role of this Participant, and it is recorded on his Suspect File.

Until these conditions are met, no Floor Safe will yield this evidence.

Using and LosingEdit

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Once Incriminating Evidence is found, Max must Arrest the incriminated agent if he wants to Turn that agent.

The Arrest must take place before Max leaves the building where the evidence was found! Otherwise, the evidence is lost - a future Arrest will not Turn that agent.

However, it is still possible (though not guaranteed) to collect Incriminating Evidence again on your next Break-In of the same hideout.