The Gear Selection Menu is a special interface that comes up at the start of any Break-In. It allows you to choose up to five pieces of Combat Gear for Max to carry on this Break-In.

Once the Gear Selection Menu is dismissed, the Break-In starts and you do not get another opportunity to change your Gear until the next Break-In occurs.


The Gear Selection Menu opens up on the left half of the screen just before a Break-In itself begins.

It shows 11 different Combat Gear pieces you can choose from, including anything from an Uzi Gear Uzi Small to a Camera Gear Camera Small to a Gas Mask Gear GasMask Small, arranged on shelves for you to pick.

Using the arrow keys, highlight the shelf containing the Gear piece you want, and press "ENTER" to select it. If Max has at least one remaining Gear Slot in his inventory, the object is removed from the shelf and placed on Max's silhouette on the right half of the screen, to indicate that it is now being carried.

Max can choose up to 5 different Gear pieces. Once 5 Gear items have been picked up, Max cannot pick up any more. To remove a piece of Gear, use the arrow keys to highlight the empty shelf that used to hold the item and press the "ENTER" key. The item is then removed from the silhouette on the right side of the screen and placed back on its shelf. This frees up a Gear Slot so that another gear piece can be selected in its stead.

Note that during Gear Selection, each Grenade set (such as 8 grenades of the same type, or a set of 6 mixed grenades) count as occupying a single Gear Slot!

Available GearEdit

Here is a list of the available Combat Gear pieces you can select at the Gear Selection screen. The image on the right shows what this Gear looks like on its shelf.

Gear Piece Image on Shelf
Uzi* Gear Uzi Shelf
Gas Mask Gear GasMask Shelf
Motion Detector Gear MotionDetector Shelf
Kevlar Vest Gear KevlarVest Shelf
Camera Gear Camera Shelf
A set of 10 Bugs Gear Bug Shelf
Safe Cracking Kit Gear SafeCrackingKit Shelf
A set of 8 Fragmentation Grenades Gear FragGrenade Shelf
A set of 8 Gas Grenades Gear GasGrenade Shelf
A set of 8 Stun Grenades Gear StunGrenade Shelf
A mixed set of 6 Grenades (2 from each type) Gear MixedGrenades Shelf

* Note that the Uzi replaces the Pistol, but still counts as taking up a single Gear Slot.

Confirm SelectionEdit

To confirm that you are satisfied with the current Gear Max is carrying, press the "ESC" key. This will begin the Break-In itself.

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