Gear FragGrenade Large

A Fragmentation Grenade.

A Fragmentation Grenade (or "Frag Grenade" for short) is one of the pieces of Gear that Max can carry with him into a Break-In. It is also possible to collect these from Neutralized Enemies and Floor Safe.

When it explodes, a Frag Grenade will cause a Wound to anyone standing close to it (up to 3 tiles away), including Max himself. A single Wound is enough to kill any enemy.


Gear FragGrenade Shelf

A set of 8 Frag Grenades, as appearing in the Gear Selection menu.

Grenades are a type of Combat Gear. As such, it is possible to select them in the Gear Selection menu before a Break-In. You can either choose a set of 8 Frag Grenades, occupying one Gear Slot, or take a set of 2 grenades from each type (Stun, Gas and Fragmentation), also occupying one Gear Slot.

In addition, as with all other Grenade types, it is possible to collect Frag Grenades from the bodies of dead or neutralized enemies during Combat. The game randomly chooses which type of grenade you get from each body. You will always get exactly 2 grenades from a body, unless you do not have enough room for the type of grenades you picked up.

Finally, Floor Safes Furniture FloorSafe Small have a certain chance to yield a set of two Frag Grenades (or any other type of Grenade).


Gear StunGrenade EffectRadius

Approximate effect radius of a Frag Grenade.

When a Frag Grenade explodes, it will inflict a Wound on each person within its radius of effect. The radius is equal to about 3 tiles (3 lengths of a normal Furniture piece), including both enemy guards as well as Max herself.

Enemy Guards who suffer a Wound will die immediately.

Max can suffer up to 4 Wounds when wearing Kevlar Armor, or up to 2 Wounds when not wearing this armor. If Max reaches the Wound limit, she will be knocked unconscious and will be Captured by the enemy.

Booby Traps and Remote BombsEdit

Main Articles: Booby Trap, Remote Bomb

As with all other grenades, it is possible to use a Frag Grenade as either a Booby Trap or a Remote Bomb by selecting the Stun Grenade (using "F10") and setting it in the right place (using "F9").

Enemies Throwing Frag GrenadesEdit

Enemies can occasionally throw Frag Grenades when searching for Max (I.E. when the alarm is raised). Occasionally they'll do this from outside the room - They open the door to the room, chuck a Frag grenade inside, and only then enter the room to finish Max off. More often however, they will throw Frag Grenades at Max while she's hiding behind a piece of Furniture, since they cannot shoot her through Furniture.

A good way to deal with Frag Grenades is to stay crouched. This reduces the range at which the grenade's explosion can affect Max. When crouched, Max will only suffer a wound if she is up to 1 tile away from the explosion.

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