Direct Action is one of 26 Criminal Organizations you may encounter in the game. It appears only in the Europe Theatres of Operation. Although there have been several terrorist groups with "Direct Action" in their name, they are most likely based on the French left-wing group Action directe.

In the GameEdit

Direct action is regarded as a Criminal Organization.

As such, Direct Action may participate or instigate Criminal Plots, deploying agents throughout Europe and maintaining Hideouts in many Cities.

There is no fundamental difference between any Criminal Organization, and Direct Action is no exception.

Historical BackgroundEdit

For more reading: see Direct Action at Wikipedia

Direct Action was an Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization active in France between 1979 and 1987. They were responsible for a number of assassinations and bombings.

They were allied with the Red Army Faction (in the game as Red Army) and carried out some attacks in cooperation with them.

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