The Dignity Battalions were a paramilitary group under the control of Manuel Noriega, the military dictator of Panama from 1983 to 1989. In the game, it is one of 26 Criminal Organizations you may encounter, and appears only in the America Theatres of Operation.

In the GameEdit

In the game, the Dignity Battalions are regarded as a Criminal Organization.

As such, the Dignity Battalions may participate or even instigate Criminal Plots, deploying agents around the world and maintaining Hideouts in many Cities.

The Dignity Battalions appear only in one Theatres of Operation: America. In America, it will have a Hideout in almost every City, though the location of each Hideout may not be known at the start of each Mission.

There is no fundamental difference between any Criminal Organization, and the Dignity Battalions is no exception.

Historical BackgroundEdit

For more reading: Dignity Battalions at Wikipedia

Manuel Antonio Noriega was a career soldier, a graduate of the infamous School of the Americas, and for many years CIA's man in Panama. However, unlike many other SOA graduated who went on to become South American military dictators, Noriega fell out with his US backers, primarily due to his cooperaton with the drug cartels.

The Dignity Battalions were Noriega's paramilitary militias, established in the early eightes as Noriega's relationship with the US started to get sour. They were tasked with preventing a US invasion and suppressing internal dissent, the latter of which they did publicly, brutally and effectively.

During the 1989 elections, Noriega tied to rig it in favor of his own candidate, but failed. As the winners drove triumphantly through the city, their motorcade was attacked by the Dignity Battalions. Several bodyguards were killed, and two of the winners were badly beaten. This episode was caught on camera by the international media, and provided the impetus for the US invasion. Noriega was deposed and arrested during the invasion, one year before Covert Action's release.

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