Furniture BlackDesk Large

A Black Desk, facing south.

Furniture BrownDesk Large

A Brown Desk, facing north.

A Desk is a Container that can be found inside Hideouts.

Desks come in two varieties: Black Furniture BlackDesk Small and Brown Furniture BrownDesk Small. The only real difference between them is that the Black Desks always face south, while the Brown Desks always face north. Other than this, there is no functional difference between them.

Desks are fairly common furniture, even though they only appear inside Offices.

A Desk may be Photographed for a chance to acquire information. Desks are unique among other Containers in that they are effectively two Containers combined into a single piece of furniture. A desk is two tiles wide, and each half of it (the left and right drawers) is a separate container that can be opened and photographed separately.

You can hide behind a Desk while crouching. It is also possible to jump over a desk if necessary.

Collecting InformationEdit

Like all Containers, you may open a Desk in order to photograph its contents.

To open the Desk, simply walk up to the front side. Turn to face the drawer you wish to open, and press the "ENTER" key. This will open the appropriate drawer. Keep facing that drawer and press the "F2" key to photograph the contents.

You can repeat the process for the other drawer as well. Both drawers count as separate Containers, and may contain wildly different information.

To photograph the contents you will need a Camera Gear Camera Small. Desk drawers are not locked, and may be opened without the aid of a Safe Cracking Kit Gear SafeCrackingKit Small.

Each drawer in the desk may only be photographed once per Break-In. If you leave the building and Break In again, you may photograph the same drawer again.

Desk drawers should be closed after examination. If left open, any enemy guard who spots the open drawer will raise the alarm immediately.

Enemy guards will occasionally open Desk drawers while inspecting rooms. A few seconds after opening the drawer, the guard will automatically close it and move on. If a guard is killed or otherwise prevented from closing the drawer, it will remain opened and may be photographed with a Camera Gear Camera Small. There is no difference between photographing a drawer opened by Max and a drawer opened by a guard.

Types of InformationEdit

Like all other Containers (except Floor Safes Furniture FloorSafe Small), each Desk drawer may contain any of the following pieces of information:

The contents are randomily selected just before Max photographs them. There is no way to influence the kind of information you receive from any Desk drawer.

Remember that each drawer may contain a completely different piece of information. For example, one drawer may contain a Mention, while the other drawer contains nothing. The opposite is also possible, with both drawers containing the exact same type of information.

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