The Crypto Branch is a section of the CIA Office that deals with coded messages. This is where you play the Cryptography Mini-Game.


Screencap CIAFloor3

The Crypto Branch on Floor 3.

The Crypto Branch is the name of the CIA section dedicated to breaking enemy codes. Each CIA Office in the game has a Crypto Branch located on the third floor. To visit it, go to the CIA Office and select "Crypto Branch" from the lobby menu.

At the Crypto Branch you'll have two options to choose from:

  1. Coded Messages
  2. Crime Chronology

You can press "ESC" to go back to the CIA Office lobby.

Coded MessagesEdit

Main article: Cryptography (Mini-Game)
Decoding List

Coded Messages.

When selecting this option, you'll be shown a list of messages. The list includes all messages that Max has detected but not yet decyphered. If all known messages have been decrypted, or there are no known messages to begin with, the list will show the word "NONE", and nothing else.

Each entry on the list shows a single message, with any additional data already found about that message, such as the names of the sender and recipient, the recipient's location and affiliation, and the date the message was sent.

Selecting a message from the list will open up the Cryptography Mini-Game, allowing Max to decode the message. Successful cryptography will reveal the contents of the message, as well as a lot of important information about both the sender and recipient.

Press "ESC" to close the list without decrypting any message.

Crime ChronologyEdit

Main article: Crime Chronology
Document CrimeChronology

Crime Chronology.

Selecting this option will show a Document listing all known enemy-driven events that happened so far during the course of the Mission.

The list primarily shows News Bulletins about Crimes committed so far during the mission, sorted and marked by date. In this sense it is similar to the "News Bulletins" document which can be viewed in your Check Data menu.

However, this list also shows all Message Traffic that has already been decoded. The combination of News Bulletins and Decoded Messages means that the Crime Chronology document gives a more complete picture on the unfolding plot.

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