Document CrimeChronology

A Crime Chronology, showing two Decoded Messages and two Bulletins received.

Crime Chronology is one of the documents compiled by the CIA during the course of a Mission. It provides Max with the ability to review the progress of the enemy's Plot.

The Crime Chronology document is not available for viewing in the Check Data menu - it is only available at the Crypto Branch of any CIA Office.

This document shows entries for every Bulletin received so far that relates to a Minor or Major Crime. It also shows the contents of every Decoded Message or Recorded Meeting.

As the name of the document suggests, all entries are arranged in chronological order. Each of the Bulletins on the list is marked by its date, while Messages and Meetings are marked with the Roles of both agents involved.

If a Crime has been committed more than once (as a result of Item Confiscation by Max), the document will show multiple instances of the same Bulletin as necessary.

Since Crime-Related Bulletins tend to mention the location where the Crime has taken place, reviewing them can help Max figure out where the responsible agent is located.

Note that the Crime-Related Bulletins can be seen (also arranged in chronological order) in the News Bulletins document, which is available through the Review Clues menu and hence don't require a trip to the local CIA Office. However, that document does not list any Messages or Meetings like the Crime Chronology document does.

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