Room ComputerRoom

A typical Computer Room

A Computer Room is one of the types of Rooms that can appear inside a Hideout.

Computer rooms are fairly common, though not ubiquotous. They tend to be expansive and contain plenty of furniture.

Most importantly of course, they tend to contain at least a few Terminals which can be Hacked for information. Furthermore, the Computers that often appear here can be Bugged for a considerable Surveillance Quality bonus.

And if this wasn't enough, the best part is that Computer Rooms tend to contain Floor Safes Furniture FloorSafe Small - and often more than just one!


As with all other rooms, the layout of a Computer Room is randomly generated when the Hideout is first created. However, most Computer Rooms tend to contain one or more of the following pieces of furniture:

Name Type Image
Cabinet Container Furniture Cabinet Large
Blue Chair Obstacle Furniture BlueChair Large


Buggable Furniture Furniture Computer Large
Floor Safe Locked Container Furniture FloorSafe Large
Terminal Terminal Furniture Terminal Large

Each piece of furniture may or may not appear in each Computer Room you encounter. There may be more than one of each, as well.

Note that Floor Safes will always appear up against the north wall. Computers may appear up against either the north or south walls. Cabinets appear up against any wall. Terminals and Chairs only appear away from the walls.

Special NotesEdit

The Computer is the only piece of Buggable Furniture appearing in a Computer Room, so unless there is one in the room, it cannot be bugged. There usually is at least one, of course.

The Computer Room is the second best room for installing a Bug. This will boost your Surveillance Quality at this Hideout by a good +8%.

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