Buggable Furniture is a collective name for all pieces of Furniture where a Bug can be installed.

Buggable Furniture TypesEdit

There are exactly 5 types of Buggable Furniture in the game. Each type appears in different Rooms.

Type Rooms Image
Computer Computer Room, Cipher Room Furniture Computer Large
Couch Lounge, Office, Storage Room Furniture Couch Large
Painting Cafeteria, Lounge, Office Furniture Painting Large
Plant Lounge, Office Furniture Plant2 Large Furniture Plant Large
Typewriter Office, File Room Furniture BrownTypewriter Large Furniture GreyTypewriter Large

Installing BugsEdit

Main article: Bug

To install Bugs, Max needs to perform a Break-In, and must select a set of Bugs as part of her Gear for that Break-In. A set contains 10 bugs, meaning that 10 pieces of Buggable Furniture may be Bugged in each Break-In (since it is impossible to acquire more Bugs during a Break-In).

Locate a piece of Buggable Furniture, walk up to it, and press the "F3" key to install the Bug. One exception to this is the Painting, which must first be opened by hitting the "ENTER" key, then bugged, and then closed with "ENTER" to prevent enemy guards from raising the alarm - which they will do if they ever spot an open painting.

Surveillance QualityEdit

Main article: Surveillance Quality

The purpose of Bugs is to increase the Surveillance Quality at the Hideout where they are placed. This increases the chance of detecting Message Traffic and Meetings occuring at this Hideout.

The Surveillance Quality Bonus you get for each bug installed depends on the type of Room where it is installed, rather than what kind of Buggable Furniture it is placed in.

Room Buggable Furniture appearing here Quality
Cafeteria Painting +2%
Lounge Couch, Painting, Plant +2%
Office Couch, Painting, Plant, Typewriter +4%
Storage Room Couch +4%
File Room Typewriter +6%
Computer Room Computer +8%
Cipher Room Computer +12%

Note that each room may only be bugged once per Break-In. Therefore, once a piece of Buggable Furniture has been Bugged, no other piece in the same room may be Bugged for the remainder of the Break-In, nor can the same piece be bugged twice during the same Break-In.

If Max leaves the building and then later breaks-in again, she may bug the same piece of furniture again as normal, thus increasing the wiretap level with each break-in. The percentage shown in the CIA office (under Active Wire Taps) may exceed 100% (even over 256%) although it's unknown if values about 100% have any effect.

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