Room Bathroom

A typical Bathroom.

A Bathroom is one of the types of Rooms that can appear inside a Hideout. Bathrooms are relatively rare compared to other room types, and most Hideouts will contain none at all. Those that do will rarely if ever contain more than one Bathroom.

Bathrooms are great for collecting information, for some unfathomable reason, but are useless for Bugging.


As with all other rooms, the layout of a Bathroom is randomly generated when the Hideout is first created. However, most Bathrooms tend to contain one or more of the following pieces of furniture:

Name Type Image
Toilet Container Furniture Toilet Large
Sink Container Furniture Sink Large
Bathtub Obstacle Furniture Bathtub Large

Each piece of furniture may or may not appear in each Bathroom you encounter. There may be more than one of each, as well.

Note that Toilets will always appear up against the east or north walls of the room. Sinks will always appear up against the west or south walls. Bathtubs may occasionally glitch and be placed on top of the east or west walls, but are generally placed away from the walls.

Special NotesEdit

Bathrooms never contain any Buggable Furniture. Therefore, they can never be Bugged.

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